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!iHTML> iERROR>iHEAPDUMP>/iERROR> :filename `> !-- hide script from old browser function send_reply(form) { okay = 1; `> :displaytype `> iDEFAULT NAME="step" VALUE="1"> iCASE ALIAS="step" VALUE="1">
`> /iCASE ALIAS="step" VALUE="1"> iCASE ALIAS="step" VALUE="2"> iMAIL ADDRESS=":formto" FROM=":formfrom" SUBJECT="formsubject" EHANDLE="inline"> Dear Owner, your form has been sent with the following information: :displayname=::displayname /iMAIL> iMAIL ADDRESS=":emailto" FROM=":responderfrom" SUBJECT="respondersubject" EHANDLE="inline"> :thankyoumessage /iMAIL> /iCASE ALIAS="step" VALUE="2">
:displayname: `> '> `> `> `> `> `> `>