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Streetsville Pipes & Drums Schedule

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May 05, 2019 - RCL Ontario Provincial Convention
         Bus would leave Br. 139 at 7:45 for Niagara Falls Legion, 5603 Spring St. for a 09:00 arrival to board shuttles to the Cenotaph for a 10:00 form up and ceremony. A short parade afterwards around the block to the convention center.

May 25, 2019 - Canada Pavilion
         Be at the Legion 11:30 AM for tune up at 12:00, parade starts at 12:30 PM. Dress is #1 (hair sporran) short sleeved shirt and tie under patrol jacket (with badges).


Jun 01, 2019 - Streetsville Bread & Honey Parade
         Parking and shuttling from the Go Station to find our way to Ontario/Queens area for assembly. Pipers to arrive by 9:15 at the assembly area for tune up. This is again a new set of instructions and assembly routine for this parade. March to Old Station Rd. to our cars and off. Dress is #1 from waist down, with short sleeves and open neck.

Jun 15, 2019 - Burlington Sound of Music Parade
         Park on Baldwin St. off of Brant, assemble at 9:15 AM, bus departs 9:30, in assembly area at 10:00 for tune up, check in and fall in, parade steps off at 11:00.Dress is #2 (leather sporran and green hose) from the waist down, short sleeved and open neck shirts (bring cape on your belt). Some parking at Central High but easier getting out if further along Baldwin afterwards.

Jun 23, 2019 - Welland Rose Festival
         Welland Rose parade, form up at 90 Quaker Rd. Sports Complex 11:00, step off for 1:00 PM to along Niagara St. to east on Thorold to dismiss. Different parade route than previous, bus and drivers will have to change. Dress is #2 (leather sporran and green hose) from the waist down, short sleeved and open neck shirts.


Jul 01, 2019 - Canada Day Port Credit
         Shuttle and parking available at Mentor College, 40 Forest Ave. starting at 8:30, all bands to be in the marshalling area by 10:00 with the parade stepping off at 11:00. Be early enough to get a parking spot for the shuttle. Dress #1 short sleeve order with Canadian Flags.

Jul 01, 2019 - Canada Day, Streetsville
         Pipers to arrive at the Legion by 7:45 PM for tune up, all to assemble at Church and Main by 8:30 for a 8:50 step off to get into position for a 15 minute performance. We then play everyone down to the park. Dress #1, Canadian flags.


Aug 17, 2019 - C.N.E. Warrior's Day Parade. QYR
         Dress #1 below waist, QYR green shirt above waist, glens with green feather, pipe ribbons, drum battle honours. Tuning by pipers at 09:30, Fort York Armory. Parade steps off at 10:30AM.

Aug 18, 2019 - Band BBQ at Steve's place
         Arrive after 2:00P for tuning up step off at 2:30. Where: 230 King Street, Oakville, ON. Dress: Dark Band golf shirt (what we wear to Bingo), kilt, belt, leather sporran, green hoes, flashes, glen

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Nov 10, 2019 - QYR Rembrance Day
         QYR remembrance day parade in Aurora. Bus is booked. It will leave Streetsville Legion on Sunday at 7:45 AM sharp. Bus will shuttle the band to and fro between Aurora Legion and Dr. G.W. Williams High School. Parade moves off at 10:20 AM from the high school. Ceremony end approx 11:45 AM. Bus is booked to leave the legion around 2:30 ish. This is not written in stone. Dress is #1 below the waist and QYR tunic, glen etc above the waist.

Nov 11, 2019 - Legion Branch 139 Remembrance Day
         Dress #1 below waist. With sweaters, long sleeved shirt and tie, appropriate slipons & collar dogs. Bring your cape just in case. Tune up at 09:30 for 10:15 start.


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